Surviving the First Date After Meeting Online

8 Aug 2019

The dreaded first date is a time when we all want to get as airy as possible. A good number of couples do not form because in that initial encounter, there was no “chemistry.” This is worrisome for many people but all too normal.

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Coming back to the point, you can improve that area just by simply following the tips mentioned below.

  1. Be yourself

Easier said than done. The nerves, anxiety, and fear of wrong can play tricks on you. It is normal to feel that way, and you should remember that, probably, the other people experience the same. Trying to be someone we are not on a first date is a double-edged sword. You must be yourself.

  1. Choose the conversation topics

It is not about taking the whole lesson learned like at school or having an armed monologue. Nor to repeat like a robot answers already thought in advance. However, perhaps it would be good to choose the topics of conversation so as not to go blank. Or, perhaps, consider what topics are taboo or almost “forbidden” during a first date. More than anything, you should pay attention to how the other person feels with what you are saying.

  1. The conversation is something of two

When people are nervous, or talk a lot or say nothing. As always, the extremes are not good. If silences are formed, they don’t always have to be uncomfortable. Perhaps the other is paying attention to the menu or wants to hear instrumental music for a few moments. Talk is something of two.

Do not want to fill those “empty” spaces with phrases or words that are not pleasant. If you are shy you can choose to be the one who asks the questions, and if you are talking a lot, be calm and let the other participate as well. Do not forget that there is nothing more tedious than hearing a monologue for 2 hours or that you have in front of someone who does not say a word. Let’s try to be equitable and put our effort so that everything is as balanced as possible.

  1. Kiss or no kiss

There are two attitudes that can determine success or failure on a first date. The first is to talk about sex during dinner (or at any time of the evening) and the second is to try to kiss the other when saying goodbye. In either situation, we must analyze in detail the signals that the other person gave us, what kind of future relationship we would like with her, how “desperate” or “rushed” we are, etc.

If there is enough chemistry at the end of the meeting and it shows that you both want that goodbye kiss, you have every right to do so. Or you can wait for a second date. It can even be a topic of conversation the next time you see each other!

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