Test Out and Develop Your Ultimate Physical Strength with Judo

3 Jul 2019

If you want to experience the zenith of your physical strength and stealth then you NEED to give Judo a try. Founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, Judo took on its brother martial art in Japan, Ju-Jitsu, and made it one of the most prolifically practiced sports in the world. Judo relies heavily on employing timing, technique, and leverage rather than being solely dependent on force. The aim of Judo is to throw the opponent on the floor on their back.

There are numerous benefits of Judo, that transition from the body to the mind, which is why a successful doctor like Dr. Yusof Mutahar to pursue this art form so passionately. Mutahar juggles his Judo practice in between his full-time job as a General Practitioner and as a part-time Instagram model and influencer. His special interests are Cardiology, Asthma and Respiratory Disease, Travel Medicine, Pediatrics and cosmetic surgery. When it comes to Judo he is a successful national athlete. He is part of the Western Australia State team and has even represented Australia in the U81kg category for Judo.  Furthermore Dr Yusof Mutahar has been involved in Judo coaching.

So why does someone as occupied as Dr Mutahar follow Judo so devotedly? Well, the fact of the matter is that this form of martial arts does not only empower the practitioners but it also offers several physical and mental benefits.

Better fitness levels

Judo can be an intense workout especially if you are someone who is not used to exercising. Though you do not have to be too prompt with your movements, throwing someone down on their backs is some serious work. Other than that the instructors insist on doing warm-ups which can be pretty grueling as well. At times the fitness requirements of the sessions will be akin to fitness boot camps, whilst the others will bear a closer resemblance to Judo.

Improved strength

Judo will have you noticing a significant muscle gain. Yes, you will not be lifting any iron in the gym, however having to pick up your partner and manipulating their weight requires quite a bit of strength. Judo relies heavily on well-established grips so that the execution of the throws can be done perfectly, and so will also notice a difference in your grip strength. A lot of people new to the field will notice that their body composition has turned leaner and stronger.


If you are flexible then you will find yourself passing each level with flying colors, however, if you lack in the flexibility department, then Judo will exercise your muscles to bring a bit more elasticity in them. Having to contort your body into various different positions in order to perform throws will help you develop better flexibility. The instructor also often instructs their students to do regular stretching before the class begins and once it ends.


Justo is all about equilibrium and balance. In fact when a judoka first starts judo, they learn how to fall correctly for several months before learning any throws. Judo teaches an individual not only how to  fall properly, but avoid falling and the principles of Centre of gravity, balance and equilibrium. This is useful in all ages.

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