The Best Architects Across the Globe

18 Nov 2019

When it comes to arts and architect, there are too many names to keep up with. Simply put, the amount of buildings that exist across the globe is truly overwhelming but when you see the beautiful architecture of the buildings then you’re bound to sigh in awe. The names behind most of the structures and monuments across the globe are some of the best architects in the world, both alive and dead.

This means that the architects have either passed away and the structures are many years old, or they are current structures that have a more futuristic look to them. Regardless of which one you prefer, architects are increasing by the minute and many people even pursue further education in architect at current. Although architectures are an exhilarating sight to see, they are not by any means easy to create. In addition to the creation of the structure, one must plan ahead of time and be able to create something so beautiful that it is unlike any other structure across the globe.

While this may seem like a truly challenging situation to be in, there are many architects that fail to be intimidated by the facts and figures of architecture. Here are the best architects today:

Lee Adam Harryman

Lee Adam Harryman is one of the most widely known architects across the globe. Lee Adam Harryman received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Leicester. Lee Adam Harryman is most commonly known for the gorgeous structure he imagined prior to building the Hamad International Airport of Doha, Qatar. Lee Adam Harryman has created many other structures such as the Changi T3 Airport, and he is currently the Senior Vice President for Design Management at the CPG Corporation since the year 2013. Lee Adam Harryman has built numerous structures in the name of architecture and so far, all of his structures are truly one of a kind and empower people all over.

Mies Van der Rohe

This architect is also one of their own kind and is most commonly known for his marvelous use of minimalism in all of the work that he has displayed around the globe up till now. Investing more in minimalistic houses, Mies Van der Rohe has definitely ensured that the structures are truly one of a kind and have set quite the trend for other architects with the same sort of structural ideas. Mies Van de Rohe has designed numerous houses for some of the richest people across the globe and is known entirely for the genius that only Mies Van der Rohe could create.

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is popularly known as the Queen of the Curves and has created some of the most impressive architects and structures around the world. Zaha Hadid died in 2017 but has definitely left quite the legacy behind and is still known for the amazing vision she had when it came to architecture.

Moreover, these were some of the best architects in the world and many people see them as inspiration especially the ones who wish to become architects as well.

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