The Top 10 EDM Songs For The Best Party Ever

1 Apr 2019

Electronic dance music has now reached unparalleled heights with its massive fan following and its flexibility. You can find the track for every kind of emotion and mood – whether it be anger, anxiety, sheer joy, crippling sadness. Anything! They are tightly woven tracks of electricity that expand, contract and have this endless shape-shifting that makes them unique from any other genre.

There are so many events happening now that promote EDM such as Tomorrowland and artists that make it there really get a big break from all the hustling that they have been doing to make a name for themselves in this lucrative industry.

So let’s check out a couple of songs that are guaranteed to get your party going crazy and the dance floor bursting with energy:

1. Sean Paul and David Guetta – Tip Pon It

The cross-genre kings have unleashed another track upon the fast-paced world of EDM once again and it gives you the feel of being on an island and cruising across I the deep dark of the night. Sean Paul dishes out his iconic vocals and making sure the bass-lines follow up with him while Guetta serves the beat in this tempo banger.

2. Dehko – Our Purpose

“I feel like I’m losing the fight to find the meaning in life”. The song starts off with something very deep and it takes you on an elevator that may start off slow but once it builds you towards the crescendo, you are going to be blown away by the talent these guys have. They are going to be the biggest names in music soon and you can strike so many conversations and dance moves to this song. Explore Sam Dehko now!

3. Martin Garrix and LOOPERS – “Game Over”

Martin Garrix is one of the biggest names in the EDM industry and there is no true fan of EDM that does not have a track by Garrix in their playlists. He returns with fellow Dutchman LOOPERS and blesses us with a super high energy floor filler that will have your spirits jumping. You are guaranteed to get so pumped by the fine melody and the infectious baseline that can literally amaze anyone.

4. Axwell Ingrosso – Dreamer

You must have heard of this phenomenal Swedish duo and now they have made a reappearance with a track that carries on their charm. It’s full of character, infectious medflies and meaningful lyrics that are sure to get you in the zone and set the mood right for your party.

5. Nicky Romero ft. Spyder – PRTCL

Sometimes, it feels like the best DJ’s originate from the Netherlands. The Dutch DJ Nicky Romero collaborate with the viral Spyder for an electronic smash hit. It features a beat that progresses and a very complex melody that will have you and your mates dancing until the late hours of the night.

We hope you add these songs to the next party playlist and be known all over the town for having the best taste in music!

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