This Recording Artist Is Inspiring a Generation through Music

4 Dec 2018

It is true that most musicians around the world always look to communicate ideas and inspire a large number of people through their work. It has become a culture among musicians to follow this trend which is a great aspect indeed. However, not every artist can personify rhetorically strong ideas in their music and there are varying reasons for it. For some artists, the particular style does not fit in their music and it appears out of place or absurd.

Vocally inspiring people through music has been a top trend in different genres of music. One great example remains the recording artist and songwriter, Radikal Hughes. He is popular for his forward-thinking music style which comes together with inspiring lyrics. Radikal has strongly established himself as a social activist, and his primary instrument is his music to inspire people and communicate great ideas. He’s also an influencer and a speaker the man behind the movement, “Radikal Nation”. As put by the artist himself, the core movement leads by the agenda of “Love God & Love People”. He aspires to minimize differences among people and endorses the idea of co-existing by imposing progressive ideas which show tolerance and acceptance towards all kinds of religions, races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, beliefs, and perspectives. It is a movement which glorifies self-awareness among people by pushing them to understand their values, come to acceptance with the fact they are loved, they have been bestowed with a greater purpose in life and no minority would ever be voiceless.

Radikal has coined the slogan: “Awake the Nation Inside You” for his movement. The core aspects of his movement are a prominent feature of his music and one can tell apart the energy which forms a contemporary style of his songs. In a matter of making an accountable difference in the society through is movement, Radikal seeks to rise against bullying, sex trafficking and spreading the good word of Jesus Christ in an impartial manner. In an interview, this what he said about it: I wish to impact the culture in every way shape and form through music! However, music is just the vehicle that allows me to get into people’s lives to encourage, to mentor, to disciple, and to love on people! Through music I will do weekly Bible studies through Google Hangouts, mentorship through Skype sessions, artist development, Vlogging on YouTube, and speaking engagements all over the world! My goal is to be an artist who is down to earth, transparent and extremely relatable! I want my fans, friends, and listeners to know that I am just like them, no better than them, and I’m in need of the same Savior just like them! I understand my approach is very unconventional and radical, however, music is about changing lives to me. God put in my spirit a movement called “Radikal Nation” which is about ordinary people transforming a culture by becoming radical for HIM!” On a delightful note, he is working on releasing his new album “Arise” in the second half of 2019 and is currently writing his debut book.

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