Tips On Choosing the Right IVF Clinic for Treatment

21 Jun 2018

Infertility is one of the most common issues around the world, but with advanced technology, one can treat the issue and embrace motherhood. IVF treatments have become the ray of hope for childless couples. The IVF treatments are available in various formats, and every patient has different needs. It is an expert only who can come up with the right course of action for a patient, and further treatment depends on the same only. The reason for infertility differs from case to case, and hence the process and treatment also differ accordingly. Therefore the experts have come up with some solutions that can help the patient to get the result of the treatment in a definite span of time.

If you are looking for a clinic for IVF with donor eggs in India, it might be a task to find out the best clinic for treatment. While many clinics offer the IVF treatment, the treatment using donor eggs has its own challenges. It is essential to choose a clinic which not only offers donor eggs but also realizes your physical and psychological turmoil during the journey.

Here’s a look at points to consider while choosing the clinic for IVF treatment using donor eggs:

  1. The egg donor source

The clinics promote IVF treatments using the donor eggs but don’t commit the mistake of assuming that the eggs are from your own country. Many clinics lack the resources to have their own egg donor programs, so they import the eggs from abroad. Thus make sure to check about the background of the donor if you want Indian donor.

  1. Eggs availability

It is important to check if the clinic already has the eggs available or you will be put on a waiting list. In some cases, the waiting lists are as long as 1 or 2 years. On the other hand, some clinics have both fresh and frozen egg readily available. So, explore before making a choice.

  1. Success rate

You need to check if the clinic is transparent about the success rate of the donor egg IVF treatments at the clinic. They need to be honest about your chances of success with the donor eggs. Also, explore if the clinic offers additional ways to help you conceive and how will it benefit you.

  1. The whole-body approach

See if the clinic examines your health to ensure if you are ready for the treatment with the donor eggs. The fertility issues should never be treated in isolation, and it should be looked upon as a whole. Combining the fertility treatments with a holistic approach helps in maximizing the health, nutrition, and diet before your cycle so that the body is optimized for the treatment with donor eggs.

  1. Cost of treatment

You need to check if the clinic is straightforward about the treatment cost and if they offer any type of funding plan. It is better to be clear about the cost to avoid any confusion later on.


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