Tips To Help You Prepare For Your First Professional Cycling Race

21 May 2019

If you have finally made that leap of faith and signed up for a professional cycling race then rest assured you have come to the right place. Professional cycling is not an easy sport and requires years of practice and dedication however, your first race always sets the tone for your cycling career. You will learn so much in that particular race that all of your training and practice may seem unnecessary but trust us, you will not last an hour without proper training.

Professional races will test you on so many different levels that you might even start questioning whether you want to dedicate your life to this sport, especially if the event is taken place in extreme terrain or temperatures. You will not only need to train your body but you will need to develop the right mindset to win these challenging races. Without the proper mindset, winning these races is next to impossible. Before you even start training your body for the intensity of these races, it is imperative that you visualize your success and cultivate the dedication that is required to win.

Take Nicholas Clark as an example, he discovered his passion for cycling from a very tender age and has numerous accolades to his name including a bronze medal in the 1993 UCI World Championship. He is a corrective exercise specialist and has founded ProBike FC. Nicholas Clark had over three decades of cycling experience and he has publically stated numerous times that victory is impossible without the right training and mindset. So if you really want to win that first race of yours, consider the tips mentioned below.

6 Hours of Training

You should start training at least a month in advance and start by cycling for 6 hours daily. Make sure you use the cycle you intend on using in the race and increase the hours of training after every week. Consider wearing all of your gear to help you get more insight into the difficult conditions that this race will put you through.

Focus On Your Diet

This is very important, you will need to make sure that your body has all of the required nutrients to function at its optimum level. Consider speaking to a fitness specialist who can recommend a diet plan which includes all of the vital nutrients that your body needs. Furthermore, lay off the carbs for a while and stay as far as you can from junk food.

Fix Your Sleep Pattern

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial as this is when your body recuperates from all of the intense training and stress that you will be going through on a daily basis. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours in a day and ensure that nothing hampers your sleep routine. Yes, say goodbye to your social life if you really want to win that race.

Consider the aforementioned tips to help you get ready for your first professional race. Take inspiration from renowned cyclists and seek help from the experts. Trust us, you will need all the help you can get.

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