Tips to plan a memorable birthday party for your kid

23 Apr 2019

Do you remember the good old times when you were just a kid having fantasies about your ultimate birthday party? Have you in the meanwhile become a parent, and you have a kiddo at home who will turn 7 in a couple of days? Even though many believe that a kid’s birthday is an easy event to plan out, this is not the case at all. In reality, kid’s birthdays are no simple affairs and they require a lot of planning in advance. Also, if you have more kids in the family, then throwing fancy parties multiple times a year may hurt your budget. If you are looking for clever tips to help you think out of the box and plan a memorable birthday party for your kid (and also a budget-friendly option), then keep on reading.

1. Think of a quirky theme

One of the simplest ways to make any kid’s birthday party more fun is to devise a theme which the kids will love. Not only will a theme help you as a parent with organizing things, but it will also keep the kids entertained and laughing all day. For example, come up with a theme such as “backward day”. Tell the kids to do everything the opposite way and that ordinary, everyday rules do not apply for the whole day. For instance, the children may arrive at the birthday wearing mismatched clothing, or they may take part in fun backward races. Also, another way to lighten up the mood and make it more fun is to tell the children to call each other by their backward names. It is certain that a theme such as this will have the kids talking about the party even months later!

2. Kid-friendly menu

When planning out the menu for your kids’ birthday party, make sure you ask your child beforehand if he or she has any preferences. Also, ask the other kids’ parents whether someone has a food allergy or if there are any special diet preferences you might be unaware of. Most importantly, you want to be 100% certain that each and every one of your kid’s guests can freely enjoy the food which will be featured at the party. Another thing to look out for is the size and fun factor of the snacks. For safety reasons, try to avoid food items which need to be cut and go for anything which can be easily grasped by their tiny hands. Smart options for snacks are mini pizzas, burgers, custom-made tacos and popcorn.

3. Keep the kids entertained

When planning the ultimate birthday party, always try to include a couple of simple activities to keep the children entertained and laughing. Otherwise, you might have to deal with chaos and trouble if the children are not busy playing any fun games. Of course, making up your own games can be quite time-consuming, so it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand or consult with professionals. For example, make the kids go on a treasure hunt. The timeless treasure hunt game is perfect if the birthday’s theme is all about pirates so grab a DIY map and scatter trinkets all around the backyard and the house. Next, tell the children to follow the map and pay close attention to the route. A bonus tip is to have a dress-code and get the children to dress up as pirates! In case you do not want to do the face painting by yourself, then reach out to professionals such as Creative Faces and transform any child into a pretty princess or fierce Superhero. Most importantly, remember to only use high-quality, water-based paints which do not irritate the kids’ soft skin.

4. Give out goody bags

Which child would not love to get a special gift at the end of the birthday party? Goodie bags are the perfect way to thank your kid’s friends for coming to the party and for making the whole day feel even more special. These cute trinkets are usually always given at the end of the party, and they are either a delicious snack option or a sort of miniature toy. As for snacks, it is a well-known fact that the way to any kid’s heart is through the stomach! So, get your hands on a package of s’ mores or make your very own caramel dipped apples at home and give them out as gifts. Of course, yet again check whether all of the kids can have the same treats, or if there is a need to meet special dietary preferences.

Above all, remember to simplify things and take time to plan everything out in advance! Have fun and enjoy the celebrations!

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