Make Your Wedding Special with Vintage Car for Rent

24 Sep 2018

Hello, beautiful brides! Do you still planning your wedding car for your special date? That’s good! Pay your special attention at luxury vintage wedding cars. Vintage cars are always very high in demand. They are the style icons and they are what you exactly need to make your wedding day perfect. Don’t worry! You shouldn’t buy a super-expensive vintage car for using it just for wedding. You may use rentalcars24h helpful assistance to pick one car for a couple of days or hours that suits you the most. The premium cars on their site vary from Compact cars to SUVs. There are also companies that are specialized in giving vintage cars for rent.

The wedding car


How to Pick Ideal Car for Your Wedding

  1. Look for something special

Of course, vintage cars are already special. Nevertheless, picking a car for your wedding, try to look closer and pay attention to details. Thus, this car model you are looking at can be your favorite, or you want to hire exact the same car that your parents used for their wedding ceremony 30 years ago! Think about it!

  1. Pay attention to replacement policy

Everything can happen. In general, each and every car supplier have a special document, so-called policy where they are obliged to replace your car with a suitable alternative if something goes wrong. Think about that possible second car to pick.

  1. Check parking

The car should be waiting for a newly-married couple for some time. You should check all nearby parking places that are available around. It is better to learn everything about the prices, destinations, duration, and safety. Remember that vintage cars are often biz in size, they are much bigger than modern cars, so, they need more space.

  1. Be graceful!

If you have a stylish vintage car, you should practice getting in and out of the car beforehand. All cars are different in share, height, size. It is better to be sure that you are well prepared to look graceful.

  1. Your car can be the best photo backdrop

Vintage cars are always beautiful, stylish, atmospheric. They look great on your wedding photos. Talk to your photographer. If it is possible to park your car somewhere in a beautiful place and take the best pictures ever next to it, do it without hesitations!

Vintage Cadillac


TOP Popular Vintage Cars for Your Wedding Ceremony

Limousine AAA Yorkdale

The most popular and impressive luxury car from Yorkdale is the Austin Princess. This charming limousine is dated of 1905. One of these charming cars was picked for a Royal wedding. So, looking for the best and the most expensive wedding car, pay attention to Yorkdale’s offers. If it is good for a queen, it is good for you!

Austin Princess - 431 AUS


JD Classic Cars

JD Classic Cars Сo can boast their luxury vintage cars. Their collection is huge! Each and every car is made of classic and style. As a rule, JD cars are accompanied with a professional driver. The price policy can be different. The brightest JD classic samples are 1961 Bentley, 1967 Rolls Royce. It would be great to rent one of them.

Bentley Wedding Cars - Haynes International Motor Museum - Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset


Vintage Cars from Rolls

The most of the couples want to find that one special car that suits their wedding style the most. The choice is obvious with Rolls classic cars. The big limousine is able to carry up to 7 passengers. There is also enough space for a picnic table. If you have problem with parking of such a big car, try Bentley. Of course, your wedding will be the best and the brightest event with 1949 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Limousines from Allure

Allure Limos has a great experience in driving limousines. Nevertheless, the brightest sample of wedding driving is 1951 Bentley Mark. It is hard to find a car better that so perfectly suits your vintage wedding. The experienced drivers are also available.

Portsmouth, Hampshire - England


Wedding city transport

You should know that you can hire a city car for your wedding. How about a vintage tram? Don’t be surprised! It can be very interesting to conduct wedding in a vintage tram. What is more, they are perfect for taking the best and the most unique wedding pictures. There are strict rules about using city transport. Thus, it is prohibited to drink alcohol and decorate transport with flowers and signs. From the other hand, you can build up your own wedding route and take the most of your friends with you. There are special websites where you can read more about prices to rent a city transport on your location.

Your wedding must be perfect. As a rule, people try to find the best place for wedding, good hotel for all guests, craziest menu. Don’t forget about the wedding transport. If you want your wedding will be charming and romantic, you should pick vintage cars. Find the best car model with rental24car rental app.

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