What Is A Good Structured Essay?

14 Nov 2018

There is a rationale to why essays are a fundamental part of academic homework tasks and that is because they enable the student to perform critical reasoning. An essay is typically a piece of writing that is fabricated as a response to the question statement. An essay makes use of evidence and provides arguments that support a certain narrative in the body of the essay.

As a student, you may have received essay writing tasks that may have intimidated you to the core and you may have even questioned the need of your existence in such dark hours. However, don’t worry, every student has gone down this road; nevertheless, they have found a way to their silver lining.

Writing an essay is not everyone’s forte, however, there are certain basics that can help students establish fundamental writing skills. These basic tips may include reading books, writing something on a daily basis, enhancing your vocabulary strength etc. However, there is one thing you should master at first and that is the best essay examples.

Generally, the structure of the essay comprises three parts: the introductory paragraph, the main body and, the final concluding paragraph. There are certain considerations with respect to the essay structure, which should be taken into account before getting on with the writing phase:

The Introduction: Your introduction should state the main thesis idea via a thesis statement. This statement should reflect the overall point of view you will be crafting in the essay. Therefore, select your words wisely that convey your message in a crisp clear and coherent manner.

You should also work on the opening sentence of the introduction. This sentence should incorporate elements that aid in grabbing the attention of the masses right from the start of the essay. For this purpose, you can install:

  • A question that lies in the region of public interest.
  • A fun fact that can urge the reader to continue reading all about it.
  • A joke that can set the right stage for the essay.
  • A statistical figure that may surprise and intrigue the reader.
  • A short story that has all the right elements to create interest.

You can use any of the aforementioned choices to captivate the focus of your audience to keep them committed to the process of reading.

The Main Body: The basic purpose of the main body is to back the thesis statement with accurate evidence and structure the tone of the essay to convince the reader as per your viewpoint. To achieve this objective, you should have an ample amount of research material to write about. You should have the following information:

  • Basic concepts of the topic at hand.
  • Pros and cons of the topic subject.
  • Latest research studies and findings relevant to the subject.
  • Opposing viewpoints and counter-answers.

If you get your hands on such information, the quality of your text is likely to increase leaps and bounds that can aid in scoring a prestigious grade.

The Conclusion: The concluding paragraph of the essay is supposed to provide a summarised snapshot of the entire narrative build in the essay. You can conclude your paragraph with:

  • A thought-provoking
  • A good moral lesson.
  • An appropriate quote suitable to the topic.

Remember, the concluding paragraph is no place to infuse new ideas and the function of the conclusion is restricted to provide a brief synopsis of the essay.

This the basic outline of the structure of an essay that you can use to add a refined touch to your writing. It is vital that you use this information to your fullest so that your essay can effectively deliver the answer to the prompt question. So scribble away and good luck!

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