What Type Of Meat That You Should Choose Of Grilling?

25 Jun 2017

When you go to the grocery store and stand at the meat counter, you may wonder what kind of steaks that you should buy for the family. You may prefer steaks that are acceptable for grilling or for burger patties. Depending on your requirements, it is important to know what kind of meat that you should buy. When people talk about grilling, they may mention rib eye or the premium fillet mignon. They are wonderful for any outdoor cooking activities. Other options are sirloin and New York steaks. You may want to cook the steaks medium rare or rare, depending on your preferences. We should be careful when handling sirloin steaks and New York strips. We may overcook them very easily and if we do that, they will become dry and tough. It is better to cook both types of meat a little bit rare. Once we have finished cooking, both should be brought directly to the table for immediate consumption. They taste much better when hot. Porterhouse and T-bone are two more types of steaks that are ideal for grilling. Like the other two, they should be cooked a bit rare.

The older generation often says that steaks that still have bone in them taste distinctly better than the boneless ones. That’s probably true, because bone may transfer some of the flavour to the meat during the cooking process. In fact, meat that is closer to the bone tends to be juicier and tastier. When buying meat for steaks, you don’t have to look silly, moving back and forth, wondering which type of meat that you should buy. An ideal steak for grilling purpose should be somewhat thick, about an inch and a half thick on average. This will make it easier for you to cook the meat rare or medium rare. But, if you want your meat to be somewhat rarer, you may choose the one that’s nearly two inch thick.

It would be even easier if you can ask for the butcher for a special cut, because he may choose the right kind of meat with the right kind of thickness. They are experienced, so we could trust them that we will get the best kind of meat. It is possible to grill the meat well done, without making it to dry, but this requires some precision and proper timing. To make your job easier, you should choose a one inch thick meat. Some people don’t like to eat meat that there’s still trace of pinkish color in the middle of the meat. It may take some amount of experiment to do this, because if you delay just a few minutes, the meat will become overcooked and dry.

It is even better to choose steak that has a pattern of fat in the meat, which is called marbling. When grilled, the meat will become moist and tender. However, this type of meat is usually rather more expensive compared to the one without or with minimal marbling.

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