What We Shouldn’t Do When We Are Being Given Traffic Ticket?

11 Jun 2017

Many people tend to become disrespectful and rude to the police officers when they are given a traffic ticket. In some cases, traffic violations could happen due to our lack of understanding about local traffic law and it can happen more often among travellers. When you get a traffic ticket, it is important to be respectful, just like when you are talking to a family member. You don’t need to kiss up, but the whole process could become much easier when you are polite and professional. We should be aware that police officers experience work-related stress too and it’s not a good thing if their patience begins to wear thin. Under any circumstance, we should never yell and this disrespectful won’t help us at all. Some drivers also tend to ignore the police officer who is standing there. They are not responsive, look away and keep the stereo turned up loud. Blatant lying is also something that we need to avoid and police officers will know if we are not telling the truth.

There is no use coming up with a farfetched version of why we made traffic violations. Things will be a lot easier if you apologize and being honest. Both way, you will need to undergo the same process and it will be much easier for both sides if everyone cooperates. In fact, some police officers will apologize offenders, if drivers say honestly that they are running late for work. Police officers have faced many dishonest drivers and they will certainly show respect if you are being honest. Some drivers may also have rather unbelievable tactics such as shedding their fake tears. Police officers will know when we purposely try to get out of a ticket and it is quite possible that we will still get the ticket. It is also a bad thing to talk back to the officers, such as saying whether they have anything better to do with their time than giving out tickets to unsuspecting motorists. This kind of statement is often overused and we won’t get help at all.

So, whatever you so, it is important not to tell the police officer that it’s better for him to catch a bank robber of drug trafficker. Each police officer has an assigned task and it is better for us if we are able to cooperate well. If we are resisting, it could also mean that we are opposing the police officer. If we don’t argue with the police officer, we will be able to handle things much more easily in the court, so we should think about this carefully. The same thing should happen in the courtroom. We should assume a logical and professional manner when we are explaining our case to the magistrate or judge. This should start much more easily if we avoid arguing with the police officer on the street and we should avoid giving them a hard time. In general, we need to use common sense when we are being given traffic ticket, so we won’t get more problems.

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