Why Crash Investigations are Absolutely Necessary

30 Apr 2019

The most substantial crashes involving an 18-wheeler truck are usually dealt with at the scene by the Highway Patrol and the Police. It is likely the insurance agency for the truck driver and trucking organization will also be in attendance. Often, several photos are taken of the crash scene, and the whole scene is reviewed carefully to collect the critical bits of evidence. The evidence collected includes the skid imprints and the damage suffered by all the vehicles involved in the accident.

If the crash has resulted in a death, it is highly recommended that the family members of the deceased should hire a lawyer that specializes in truck accidents, and this should be done as soon as possible if they want to make a claim for negligence, according to Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner.

What does Reconstructing Truck Wrecks Actually Mean?

Reconstructing a truck wreck refers to re-enacting the accident with the help of the evidence that is collected. For this purpose, the statements produced by eyewitnesses are considered irrelevant and inadmissible but, a video of the accident is deemed to be strong evidence.

The general rule that is applied in such cases is that there are two sides to a coin; hence, there are two sides to a story that led to the accident. The experts will use all the data that has been collected from the spot of the accident and record it to re-enact the accident.

Get an expert lawyer if you want to launch a claim…

As mentioned earlier, you should not just hire any lawyer to deal with a truck accident such as this. You must hire a lawyer that is an expert in truck accidents, so that you can guarantee your claim from the insurance agencies. An examination of 18-wheeler truck accidents is supposed to be carried out by lawyers who are experienced in the reconstruction or re-enactment of accident cases which involve 18-wheeler trucks.

Usually, the officer’s suppositions on the reason for the accident are not heard by the jury. The best possible strategy for conquering the insurance agencies is gathering irrebuttable and prima facie evidence from the scene of the crash.

The sooner you hold them accountable, the higher are the chances of you defeating the opposite party who is the real culprit. For more information, check out https://www.texas-truckaccidentlawyer.com/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-reconstruction-of-truck-wrecks/.

Are crashes like this increasing in frequency?

Sadly, there are more accidents occurring on our roads. Nobody knows exactly the reason why, but many believe that because of capitalism and consumerism, there are more lorries on our roads. They also often have tight deadlines to meet, which can result in poorly maintained lorries and drivers who are trying to meet tough deadlines set by their superiors. This is most likely to the detriment of other road users. Can we implement measures to improve lorry safety, and thus reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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