Why do Social Networks need to Be Safe?

13 Dec 2019

Social networks are used by billions of people around the world. The digital world is populated by a vast number of social networking sites that are primarily used for connecting with other people in the world. In households where there is a presence of the internet, the existence of social network users is evident.

Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, etc. These sites have grown tremendously popular in the past decade. In fact, a major portion of web traffic from all over the world is recorded on these particular websites. They see the traffic of billions of internet users on a daily basis, making them some of the biggest platforms over the internet.

Social networking sites are not just used for means of communication. The biggest benefit they have brought is convenience and flexibility. Users can conveniently connect with one another and perform a number of engaging actions like sending messages, uploading and viewing pictures, watching videos, and keep updated with the lives of their friends and family.

These sites have been revolutionary in today’s digital space because they have transformed the mode of communication among people. A person is more likely to spend time on these websites interacting virtually with others rather than going out and meeting them in person. This has many implications as well. Every person on the platform comes aboard with his or her own personality.

It brings an important realization that social networking platforms need to be safe for all. There have been many cases where the safety and security of users have been compromised, forcing people to grow fearful and eventually abandon their social media presence. All the companies at the head of these networks need to engage in efforts to combat problems that make these websites a dangerous place for users.

Perhaps the safest social networking platform remains ConnectSocial Inc., a website founded by serial entrepreneur Tariku Bogale. It is a premium social network that allows you to enjoy an array of functionalities. Users can upload pictures, videos, send messages to people they have added, and engage in a number of different ways. The biggest benefit of ConnectSocial Inc. is that it is a highly secured platform. Users are safe from all kinds of dangers and perils which are quite common elsewhere.

Other networks can learn from the example of ConnectSocial Inc. for protecting and promoting the values of the safety of users. It is easily the biggest attribute that all existing platforms should strive to maintain.

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