Why Reading about Business Can Help You Learn More about It?

23 Jan 2019

Business is one of the most popular fields which draws the interest of millions of people. Business has a vast array of branches which pique the interest of many and it is one of the most populated professional fields on earth. In our general understanding, one learns about doing business or the industry itself by stepping into college or undergrad school. Degrees and specific courses taught by specialized instructors lay the foundation of our understanding.

We rely on the academic curriculum for much of our understanding of business. However, learning about the field of business in the spectrum of academics has a very limited scope. The outdated course material and textbooks fail to paint the actual picture of the business. The underlying truth and the prevailing realities about business are rather different from what we have learned in our typical experience. To understand the business better, one has to break free from the culture of learning everything in the four-wall boundary of the school.

Successful entrepreneurs and business magnates are the first-hand sources of learning everything about this field. They have developed sources and materials for the masses to learn from their example. These individuals hold seminars, deliver TED Talks, publish books, appear in interviews and podcasts, produce educational videos, and these are the best sources of learning everything about the business. Their content is enriched from their proven track record and experience and it gets nothing better than that. Books are by far the most incredible source of information available and some really brilliant-minded people have written a myriad number of books. One of the most acclaimed books ever written remains “Ignite Your Life” by Brian Tracy and it is co-authored by a group of renowned entrepreneurs including Tony Park.

Tony Park holds great significance as a business expert, entrepreneur, mentor, and author. In his career, he has built businesses from the ground up which are worth over $50 million. In the past 40 years, Tony Park has excelled in developing business in diverse fields as retail, logistics, digital marketing, tourism, construction, service, caregiving, etc.

In his portfolio, he has owned and managed the following organizations and businesses: Parkco Transport, Caravan City, U-Drive Truck Rentals, Richmond Park Vineyard, Park Homes, Cosy Cabins, Geilston Bay Lifestyle Village, Business Tribes, Hospital POD, Tony’s Tent Centre, Tasmanian Lifestyle Realty, University Training, BIG 4 Holiday Parks, Port Arthur Villas, CRE Business Brokers, ClickFunnels, Books and Such, Software Secrets, Annymate Video, and Business Gardener. Scouts, Rural Youth, Young Liberals, Jaycees Junior Chamber of Commerce, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Council, Australian Institute of Management, Australian Marketing Institute, World Heritage Advisory Council, Skills and Learning Board, Wine South, Caravan Industry Australia, Housing Industry Association, Master Builder Association, JCI ASPAC Senate, The Hutchins School, Cosy Cabin Foundation, Arthur Park Foundation, Australian Institute of Company Directors, and The Property Council.

His contribution in “Ignite Your Life” holds primary importance as he discusses his concept of “Business Tribes” in the book. He has summed up everything he has learned all through his star-studded experience in the field of business, running so many companies. He excels in his trade and he wishes more and more aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the key insights that he has covered in this particular book.

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