Why valve repairment is a better option

4 Sep 2018

Mitral valve repair is the best option for those who are suffering from leaking valves or from narrowed mitral valves.

It is always said that mitral valve repair is a much better option than the valve replacement. This leads to better long-term survival and better preservation of heart functions. It also gives a lower risk of complications and does not give much chance to anticoagulants.

Here are some major advantages of mitral valve operations. They are as follows:

  • Better early and late survival, which means chances of longer life.
  • Improved lifestyle.
  • Better preservation of heart function.
  • Lower risk of stroke and infection or endocarditis.
  • No need for blood thinners or anticoagulation.

There are many good doctors for valve treatment in India who know how to do mitral valve repairmen and proper treatment. But each and every kind of surgeries or repairmen has its own side effects. Some are good and some are not so good. There are always a few risks involved in them.

For asymptomatic patients having mitral valve repair, the operative risk is approximately 1 in 1000. The risk in symptomatic patients remains well under 1 percent. The presence of coronary artery disease or other conditions that require surgical treatment will affect your individual risk. Ask your doctor about your surgical risk when you go for treatment to them. They will know the best about your physical and heart condition.

What is the durability of a mitral valve repair?

Research says that after mitral valve repair, 95 percent of patients are free of reoperation for ten years and this remains statistic which is similar to 20 years. As a result, a repeat operation is uncommon after a successful mitral valve repair. An echocardiogram is recommended every year in order to assess valve function. In addition, patients who had valve surgery must take steps to prevent infection and reduce the risk of endocarditis (which is an infection of the valve).

This mitral valve repair is the best possible option for nearly all patients with a leaking mitral valve and for many with a narrowed mitral valve. As compared to valve replacement, mitral valve repair provides better long-term survival, better preservation of heart function, lower risk of complications, and usually avoids the need for long-term use of blood thinners as well. For these major reasons, most of the heart surgeons are inclined to mitral valve repair.

Mitral valve repair is more challenging than mitral valve replacement, and experienced surgeons are more likely to be able to repair the valve and ensure an excellent outcome. But before going for these kinds of surgeries, one needs to go and see a heart doctor primarily. If they recommend a surgeon then one can proceed there.

Whether a replacement is required or a repairment is needed, only the surgeons can take a call after having a closer look at the physical condition of the patient and their age. After that, they prepare for the surgery and make the patients aware of it.

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