Why You Should Have Something Antique in Your Household

19 Feb 2019

We’ve all heard the saying “old is gold”. There is so much sentiment that is attached to something that is decades or even centuries old. It has been passed on from generation to generation, entrusted to those that were special in their guardian or leader’s eyes or it’s just something that holds a lot of religious or familial value. Nonetheless, there is a beauty that swarms over items that are antique. What reels us into these rusty or ancient artifacts which are way past their prime condition and era? Do we all carry a fascination for what has passed and is unseen in our souls?

Antique things are orphaned by their owners and find home in pawn shops or museums. Unless you have a really fabulous attic where you dig out something immensely valuable. Like a diamond, or a painting. There’s something enchanting about the antique matter because of the notion of being obsolete as compared to what we are used to seeing – sleek technology and digitalized matter that tries too hard to be perfect. The whole enchantment behind old things is that they don’t try hard to be perfect. They carry so much soul, so much sentiment and even if they are worth millions – they give our eyes and heart comfort because they’re just raw. There’s something dangerously charming about the simplicity of the old age.

There are so many people who embellish their household with antique-looking furniture, or artifacts because it brings about a rustic look to the house. It allows culture to step in and take control of the atmosphere. A 100-year-old painting, for example, hung on a wall in the living room can change the viewer’s perspective upon sight. In the same way, going for antique cutlery is also adds its charm to your kitchen and makes you feel like you are part of the century before you and the century that is to follow.

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