Writing poems in the Summer Woods

30 May 2019

Summer is the time when you pay that most awaited visit to one of those farmhouses your uncle owns. It is when you lay down under the stars drowning in the deepest and most peaceful thoughts as you stare into the twinkling stars. While there are people busy enjoying their summertime madness, there are also those lost in stargazing as they look for words that paint the picture of this beautiful night. The latter is the type of people playing with words to put them in a presentable manner. They are poets who write their hearts out mesmerizing you with their thoughts translated into words.

It is not always easy and possible for the poets to come up with an excellent composition every time they sit down to write. Neither can you expect anyone to become a poet overnight. It requires time, dedication, inspiration, and an in-depth thought-process. For some, the scenery matters as well like being at a seashore, on top of the hill, under a starry night sky, or even at a rooftop. Although location matters. Inspiration can come to anyone, any time, and anywhere.

Every individual has his way of composing words. Some write about modern fairy tales, while others pen down their experiences. For instance, books like ‘Summer Woods’ is one that has the sheer power to get you hooked to it. It is written by Durga Madiraju, under the pseudonym Jane Summers. This book is composed of poetry which is bound to leave you in awe of it. You will find the verses in this book to be directed towards nature and how it plays a part in our emotional state throughout the year.

Durga’s best-known collection of poems can be found in ‘Seasonal Woods’. Her other book ‘An Artsy Life’ is a collection of short stories. She also published ‘Autumn Woods: Collection of Poem: A Classic Volume’ back in 2018.

They say talent is not bound to anything. Being good at something doesn’t mean you cannot be equally great or better at another. Durga Madiraju sets an example here as well. In addition to being a great author, she is an Indian software engineer who is currently working for a Fortune 500 Company. Having 20 years of industry experience, her current role includes developing applications and utilizing the Agile SAFE Framework. She works up close with SMEs to identify and analyze core requirements and key features for web portal projects, interact with development teams, customers and project managers to prioritize and validate requirements and also coordinate weekly estimation meetings to provide high-level estimates for varying projects. Durga has also been accepted by the POWER group of Women-Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized.

For Durga, woods and nature go together. In the excerpt of her book, she says “there is always a transition from a day of nothing to a day of promise, from a day of sadness to a day of happiness.” Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes, and Nobles, in addition to other major book stores. This has made it quite convenient for the fans of her work to access it at their fingertips.

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